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Rockbridge, Ohio
Family Farm

Buena Vista Specialty Plants & Foods

Providing exotic woodland plants and mushrooms to our friends and family for over 20 years. Our new address and cooperative neighbors add another almost 600 woodland acres of beautiful Southeastern Ohio to the already 800 acres of mixed hardwoods that we call our "seeding and collecting grounds" where we grow and collect many beloved woodland plant species and fungi: Other than seeding, planting or inoculating a known species in a favorable niche environment we do nothing but let nature do its thing and come back and collect any excess, carefully hand pack them into eco-friendly packaging and ship them directly to your door. Because we do not try to produce mass quantities, limited quantities are the norm.

Most Popular Fungi

  • Ling Chi
  • Hemlock Varnish Shelf
  • Hen o' the Wood
  • Chicken o' the Wood
  • Pheasant Backs (Dryads Saddle)
  • Wood Blewitts
  • Oysters/Angel Wings
  • Black Trumpets/Chantrelles and many others
  • Most Popular Woodland Plant Species

  • Goldenseal
  • Cohosh (Black/Blue)
  • Wild Ginger
  • Blood Ramps
  • Skunk Cabbage
  • Motherwort and many others
  • By way of our wonderful neighborhood coop we have someone who offers expertise on growing and sourcing a diverse line of native and non-native carnivorous plant species, a real "19th Century Style" Tin Smithy and some folks who produce flavored wine vinegars, candied Ginger and Old Fashioned Soda Pop.

    If you love these types of natural things in there freshest form, you know that everything has a season and may not be available throughout the year so write or call ahead to lets us know what you want and we will add you to our list and ship it to you as soon as it is available. For those items that only get better with age and a little tender loving care, we have dried, powdered, tinctured and fresh frozen forms of some of your favorite types of mushrooms and roots.


    Listing last updated on Feb 4, 2013

    Please understand that some species are disappearing from their native habitat and it is our first and foremost concern to establish and maintain sustainable populations before we can harvest. If for some reason nature does not provide a bounty of an item in a certain year, that item becomes unavailable; we will offer it again when we feel our stock is healthy and sustainable.

    Best time to call is between 9a - 9p (EST) Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday; otherwise we will return your call.

    Schedule and Location:

    Come on by or call to find out whats currently available

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