Burmese Okra Seed HEIRLOOM

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Burmese Okra Seed HEIRLOOM

Best okra I've ever grown!! These okra plants will produce reliably all summer long! Fresh seed for 2015 ready now!!

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90 days Burmese okra is an heirloom variety from - you guessed it - Burma, now known as Myanmar. I have grown other okra's in the past, but this one has been by far the best! As long as the pods are kept picked, it will produce loads of pods all summer, or until you get tired of them! It will start producing in early summer, and continue right up til frost if you take care of the plant. This plant can grow 5' - 6' tall, and needs full sun and plenty of organic material worked into the soil. Keep watered regularly. Direct sow the seed in your garden well after the last frost date as okra doesn't like cold weather. Okra does not transplant well As with all okras, this variety is best eaten while the pods are small and tender. Burmese okra is a spineless variety, which makes picking these a lot easier on your hands. Okra plants are what Southerners call "itchy", similar to tomato plants. (they can cause mild skin irritation and make you itch) One packet contains a minimum of 30 fresh, viable seed. SAVE YOUR OWN SEED: Allow pods to dry on the plant.When fully dry remove pod and open to release the small round seeds. Store in a cool dry place. Properly dried and stored okra seed will remain viable for 2 years.
This seed was Peacefully HomeGrown in USDA Zone 7b, using natural methods, for the2014 growing season Happy Gardening!!!!
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