Cabrito / Chevon - Young Goat - Half or Cut to Order

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Cabrito / Chevon - Young Goat - Half or Cut to Order

American Boer Goat - The Black Angus of the goat world. Cabrito -Young Goat - a whole half or cut to order, 20 to 60 pounds.

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Our goats are raised humanely. Our animals are allowed pasture year round with the exception of the worst of stormy nights of a central New York winter. We rotate our pastures to reduce the need for medications that are routinely used in other herds. Our animals are fed locally sourced grain during growth stages to ensure good growth and balanced nutrition. Their hay is raised on the farm and is organically grown.

Goats are kind to the earth. Their small hooves break up soil capping. They are ruminants - their waste is super digested into tiny packages before it hits the ground and it breaks down quickly giving their pasture the fertilizer it needs to support them.

Goat meat is higher in iron and lower in fat then turkey or chicken! Really! The USDA said so. If you've never tried goat call the farm for a taste test package (607) 898-9050 and a recipe. It's not as gamey as lamb or venison.

The meat advertised here is packaged.

Local customers who are seeking hallal slaughtered goats should call the farm, arrangements can be made. Anyone who wants an animal raised to a specific size or age should also contact the farm. A deposit will be required. We would be happy to help you feed your family.

We offer a 1/2 Cabrito, young goat, to each farm share purchased.

All products are available on a first come first served basis. Some items may be out of stock or unavailable at certain times of the year. Items can be picked up at the Farm or may be delivered to an area near by.

Please feel free to call us or send us an e-mail message to check availability.