Cain Family Farms produces pasture-raised (grass-fed) beef. We use no hormones in our cattle, also no soy products, which are estrogenic. We feed no grain, only grass. We do not give steroids or vaccines, and give antibiotics only when absolutely necessary; however, we haven't done that in years.

We allow the herd to free-range year-round and the cows receive fresh water from the municipal supply. We use compost and natural soil amendments for our hay production. Our animals have close human contact and are quiet and gentle animals. They are forage-fattened, a process that produces fat on the outside of the muscle lower in saturated fat as opposed to grain fattened where the muscle contains a higher saturated fat content.

We also produce free-range eggs from a lovely flock. They are allowed free-range during the day and safely return to their home in the evening.

Listing last updated on Sep 28, 2011

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