Calathora is a family-owned, family-run farm in south Georgia. Calathora is a blending of Gaelic words that mean "Fruitful Rest". We use heirloom seeds and open-pollinated varieties whenever possible. We grow lettuces and greens, broccoli and other cool-season foods in the fall , winter and spring, transitioning to peppers, corn and tomatoes, okra , eggplants and other veggies in the summer months. We grow herbs, raise grass-fed beef, small fruits, range chickens and eggs. We have been operating a CSA for several seasons and have been studying and learning for 13 years about fresh food, sustainable agriculture and the joy of the soil. We are Christians and we give all the honor to the Lord Jesus Christ for the fruitful rest that we enjoy in our garden and in our lives . We are thoroughly enjoying the lush,dark green curly leaves of spinach and the ruby red stems of Swiss chard , the heady scent of rosemary and basil and the citrusy tang of lemon thyme. What a treat to share it with you. The Morton Family


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Family-owned, family-worked, family-enjoyed! Vegetables in season, herbs, grass-fed beef, range chicken fresh eggs .

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The produce the Mortons provide is always fresh and great tasting. Thanks for the great tasting healthy produce. The chickens and beef are the best. I will always be a customer as long as you sell.

Beautiful Produce! Wonderful Family!

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