Calendula Healing Oil, Dry Skin/Wrinkles 4oz

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Calendula Healing Oil, Dry Skin/Wrinkles 4oz

Calendula has been used for thousands of years for its natural healing & antiseptic properties. Use to hydrate dry skin/wrinkles.

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Calendula flowers add a beautiful yellow-orange color to our herb gardens, and have been used for thousands of years for their healing and antiseptic qualities. When infused in the sun with 100% pure Olive Oil, offers a soothing natural relief for dry, chapped skin, eczema, minor sunburn, dry cracked heels, elbows, diaper rash, and even stops the itch of Mosquito bites!

To Use: Massage a small amount on to affected area. Tip: Pour a capful into a dishpan with warm water for a relaxing, 'spa-like' foot soak. No need to rinse, pat dry. I like to bring some of the water up onto my legs and knees while soaking my feet. I have also been using it on my face instead of wrinkle cream in the morning & before bed, and then blotting with a clean towel. I can notice a difference in a few wrinkles that I was starting to get, and it makes my face so soft!

Our 100% pure Calendula Oil is made from our own Calendula flowers, infused in the sun for several weeks with 100% pure Olive Oil. It has a clean, pure scent, and is perfect as an alternative to products containing chemicals or preservatives. Sold in 4 fl. oz. clear plastic bottles.

For external use only.

Testimonial "Thank you for a great product! You would not believe how much money I have spent on creams, lotions, and Doctor bills for my poor Psoriasis hands. This is the only product that has helped. I am finally past the painful Red stage with just a few applications. You have a customer for life! Jayne, OH"

At Sunflower Acres, we love to grow medicinal herbs and flowers. Why grow it if you can't eat it, or harvest it for medicinal uses? And if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin! We are eco-friendly, with rain barrels, compost barrels, and we never use chemicals in our gardens. One of the medicinal herbs we grow is Calendula Flowers, which have been used for many years to help with skin conditions, as the main ingredient in most of our products from Lip Balm & Healing Oil & Soothing Bath Teas. Calendula Oil and Herbal Bath Tea Bags may also be used for a soothing foot soak. We chose the name Sunflower Acres due to all the wild Sunflowers growing on our land. The Sunflower is a symbol of life, brightness, and cheer!

All of our products are chemical free and grown with eco-friendly gardening, we always plant extra for the birds & bees!