Calendula Petals / Organic Herb

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Calendula Petals / Organic Herb

The calendula is prescribed by most modern herbalists in the form of an herbal tincture, as an herbal infusion or in ointment form

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Calendula officinalis.

The calendula herb must not be mistaken for plants belonging to the genus Tagetes - which are the true marigolds and very commonly cultivated as garden ornamentals. A variety of ailments were traditionally treated using the calendula, which has one of the longest history as a herbal medical plant, calendula has often been consumed to treat many different kinds of illnesses, these problems include muscular spasms, persistent fevers, suppression of the menstrual cycle in women, and even in treating cancer of different tissues. The primary use of the plant, however, has always been in the role of a local topical application to boost healing rate on a wound and to prevent the infection of severe wounds on the body. The herb is a very good remedy for all types of skin complaints.

INFUSION - The herbal infusion of calendula can be used in the treatment of complaints associated with menopause, it can be used to being relief from pain during the menstrual cycle, and it can also be used to treat gastritis and to alleviate the inflammation affecting the esophageal region.

TINCTURE - The herbal calendula tincture can be used in the treatment of stagnant liver problems, such disorders include a sluggish digestion. This remedy can be employed for treating all types of menstrual disorders affecting women, especially those connected to irregular or painful menstruation.

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