Calico Rock Downtown Market

The Calico Rock Downtown Market is sponsored by the Calico Rock Organization for Revitalizataion Efforts (CORE). The Market brings together growers and resellers in one venue for the general public. All vendors identify themselves clearly as "Growers" or "Resellers" so the customer can know where the product they are buying comes from.

Listing last updated on Aug 20, 2007

The Calico Rock Downtown Market features homegrown vegetables, homemade cheeses and sala, organic products, homemade crafts, and a variety of farm animals and products.

Schedule and Location:

Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Kerr Parking Lot on Main Street in Historic Calico Rock, Arkansas

Latest Reviews

For us here in Calico Rock to be able to buy fresh produce is wonderful. This way we are able to buy fresh garden produce that other wise we might have to travel 35 miles or so. WE NEED TO WIN THIS $5,000! Help us do that.

Not only is the Calico Rock market a place for folks to obtain fresh, locally grown products and handmade crafts, it also serves as a town meeting place where friends and neighbors meet, socialize, and share the prior week's happenings with eachother.

Our little hideaway river town may not show up on many maps, but the people here uphold a strong tradition of growing their own food and sharing it with their neighbors.... [more]

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