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What we do

Our company is designed to do 3 things:

Scout out the best possible fruit that is fresh and current for that week. This is the most critical point of the entire process. How do I know that? Look at your grocery stores. How many times do you feel like your playing "Fruit Roulette" when you buy from the produce aisle. Sometimes the apple tastes good, sometimes it tastes pithy. Same with peaches and other items. Our aim is to ensure that doesn't happen. The key here is to Get It Direct! Repack the Fruit in an attractive California Fruit Company Crate that is durable and convenient to use. We pack 50 pieces of fruit into our box. Our fruit is not wimpy or small looking either, its got good size. We pack into 3 different style Crates which you can find on the Order Now page. We are packing daily and ready for your order. We also have added our own sun dried fruit and flavored almonds as an optional purchase after you have ordered your crate. We Deliver! For only $5 we will deliver your box anywhere along the west coast. Order by 10:30 and it's shipped out that day for next day arrival before 11 a.m. See SHIPPING for more details. We have fresh fruit coming in daily from the orchards so we can ship your crate out daily from our warehouse. In certain areas we may deliver via a California Fruit Representative. If we do, you have the opportunity to "Go Green". Just save or have a crate to exchange for us while reducing cardboard waste.

Orchard to Office Delivery

Having fresh fruit delivered to your workplace is easy as 1, 2, 3 ;

1) Select Your Crate Option. Each crate contains 50 servings of delicious fruit, with three to choose from: a).FruitFavorites A wide selection of delicious in season fruits. b).Fruit Fantasia The best in-season fruits plus a wider variety of unique and specialty fruits determined by the season. c).Only Organic The very best organically-grown fruit.

2) Place Your Order: On the order Now Page click which Crate you want and go for it. If you need to use a company P.O., please give us a call.

3) Receive Your Order. Order by 10:30 a.m. and your fresh fruit will arrive the next day for orders within California, Arizona, and Nevada. (Washington and Oregon are 2 day, all other orders call for details)

To optimize your crate you will be able to choose from our Premium California Sun-Dried Fruits and California Flavored Almonds. Add up to six pounds per crate of these flavorful and nutritious snacks.

We are an environmentally friendly company. If we deliver the crate ourselves personally then the next time we deliver, we’ll pick up your used crate to recycle. We recycle boxes but never the fruit!


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The California Fruit Company delivers the very best, in season fruits directly to your office each week.

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