California Spikenard Root Tincture

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California Spikenard Root Tincture

Strengthen respiratory and immune function and nourish the adrenals with Fresh wildharvested California Spikenard Root Tincture

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Our California Spikenard Root (Aralia californica) Tincture contains fresh wildcrafted California Spikenard root and organic grain alcohol. Aralia is a powerful respiratory remedy and tonic. It has immune stimulating, anti-microbial and expectorant properties. It can be used during the first stages of cold or flu, to boost immune function and relieve symptoms. Aralia root also is a valuable lung remedy. It relieves coughing and deepens respiration, easing asthma and other lung ailments. In addition, Aralia is also known as California Ginseng. It is in the Ginseng family and shares many tonic and energizing properties with both Chinese and American ginseng.

The herbs in our Single Herb Extracts are always hand harvested with respect and care at their peak seasonal potency. We take pride in producing tinctures from fresh plant material, creating the most consistent, potent, energetic and medicinal remedies. They are then processed with care by hand in small batches. Extracts are produced with pharmaceutical grade organic grain alcohol according to standard tincturing ratios. They are infused for one complete lunar cycle in glass jars and are then hand pressed and bottled.

Fresh herb extracts are concentrated plant remedies that are better assimilated by the body than dried herbs and capsules. They should be used at their lowest effective dose. Suggested dose varies by extract. Consult individual labels for dosage.

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