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Chickens "R" us! We are a sixth generation farm family raising: Cornish cross broilers and laying hens. We are the home of Minnesota's Poulet Rouge TM, a heritage European style chicken. These birds are raised only in the summer and 100% on range. Our premium Cornish Cross fresh chickens are free range in the summer, warm & comfy inside a spacious barn in winter. These chickens are mouthwatering, tender and juicy. Just the way you remember chicken tasting. We don't use antibiotics, medications, growth hormones or appetite stimulants, no animal by-products or fish meal. All feed is premium locally grown corn, soybeans and alfalfa. We are one of only several licensed "Minnesota Equal To USDA" poultry processing plants operating in Minnesota and it's located right on the farm where we process all of our fresh chickens and fresh turkeys."We grow what we sell".

Listing last updated on Nov 17, 2014

FRESH FREE RANGE TURKEYS sold out for 2014! Small 14-19lbs;Medium 20-25lbs; Large 26-30lbs. $3.45/lb Pick up at farmer's market on 11/22 7am - 1pm OR 11/26 9am-4pm. ST. PAUL FARMERS MARKET DOWNTOWN:OPEN SATURDAYS.Fresh or frozen whole chickens:$4/lb 4 - 5.5 lb; smoked whole chickens:$5.50/lb 3 lb av; chicken stock: $5/qt; chicken vegetable soup:$7/qt; 100% chicken sausages:no preservatives - RAW NOT COOKED. FRESH EGGS: Medium:$3/dz; $4.50/dz large; $4.75/dz xlarge or jumbo.

Schedule and Location:

St. Paul Farmer's Market downtown
5th Street & Wall Streets in Lowertown
Every Saturday 6:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Look for our large refrigerated truck with our name on it.

Schedule and Location:

Wednesdays 1PM - 6PM
Other times/days by appointment.
Please call ahead for availability. Fresh and frozen chicken; as well as fresh eggs.

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