Calm Balm Tea

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Calm Balm Tea

A simple blend of wild red clover and lemon balm to create a soothing blend for skin irritations.

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This wild Red Clover is hand harvested from the wild and has been carefully dried to preserve its qualities. The Lemon Balm has been grown chemical free on our family property and has also been hand harvested and dried to preserve freshness. Our teas are custom blended as each order is placed. This blend can be used as a tea and as an infusion and added to a bath for eczema and psoriasis issues. The Red Clover is specifically used to target these issues from the inside out.

All our products are harvested and wild gathered by us and are chemical free.

We are a family owned and operated farm and both grow and wild gather our own products. If it can't be grown in our area of Ohio, we don't put it in our products. We have our own bee hives and are proud to live on "Organic Row" as there are several organic operations in our area.

Thank you for selecting to buy local grown products!

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