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Triangle C Beef is a family-owned, smart pasture operation producing 100% pasture-raised and grass-finished beef without using antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, GMOs or ethanol by-products for those who recognize the exceptional health value of clean, all-grass-fed beef. Looking for tender beef? We have been tutored in the art of seeing the external indicators on the animals that are associated with tender, flavorful meat in the inside. We have used this knowledge for years in our breeding and selection process to insure tender beef on your plate. Our breeding program is centered around Red Devon. Nutrient balanced soils produce grasses that organize the minerals into a nutrient-dense feed for our animals. During the growing season, we move our animals often. This "grazing tall" process sequesters carbon and uses free energy from the sun�??not fossil fuels! All of this ensures a healthier, more flavorful, environmentally sustainable product for you. Most of our split-half, half, and whole beef are processed by an Abattoir located about 20 miles from our ranch. For this, we utilize on-the-farm harvest to minimize stress, and dry-age for 12-14 days. We also use a USDA packaging facility, allowing us to sell 20 or 40-pound beef bundles and ground beef by the pound. All of the USDA products are available year round; on the farm or at The NEW Boise Farmers Market ( ). There are a surprisingly large amount of chemicals permitted for use in 'certified organic' growing. These include nicotine sulphates, pyrethrum, rotenone, and sabadilla to name a few. We do not use any of these chemicals whatsoever and we do not feel that it is necessary to jump through the many hoops in order to obtain a certificate as we feel it is no real mark of a truly quality organic product. Therefore we call ourselves "Country Organic" and we can assure you our product is as natural as it comes. Here at Triangle C Beef, we raise beef with a focus on the superior health benefits�??for the Earth, for the animals and for humans�??that come from grass that is grown and harvested in an animal and earth friendly manner, from nutrient-rich soils. We produce Triangle C Grass Finished Beef with uncompromising integrity, strict standards, and a relentless pursuit of tender, flavorful, healthy beef. I am excited for the opportunities that my twelfth year of grass-finishing cattle brings and we look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for supporting a local, non-GMO ranch!


Listing last updated on Oct 29, 2013

The things that make my grass finished beef more tender and flavorful are; the selection and breeding process (how we use those external visual indicators associated with tender, flavorful beef), balanced nutrients (in the soil, grass, hay and mineral supplement) and the flavor that comes as a result of nutrient-rich grass, the exclusive use of clean, ancient, sequestered minerals for our animals and soil; Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Products from Golden Valley Vinegar; and a stress free life!

Schedule and Location:

The New Boise Farmers Market Saturdays April through Thanksgiving at 10th and Grove from 9AM until 1PM. Starting November 2, the New Boise Farmers Market will be moving indoors at the old Idaho Linen Supply building at 516 South 8th.
McCall Farmers Market every other Wednesday at 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM July through early September.

Schedule and Location:

2365 Echo Avenue
Parma, Idaho 83660

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I must say that this is the best beef I have ever had. Each cut we have had so far has been superior to anything i Have tasted before. Steve and Debra are wonderful, understanding and ethical people and I look forward to doing business with them for many years to come!

I'm nearly half way through the 1/4 beef purchased, and each cut seems to be better than the last. Not only is it the most flavorful beef I've ever had, it is incredibly tender. Almost can't wait for the next roast!

We purchased some beef for the first time this fall and couldn't be happier. The meat is wrapped and labeled nicely and the taste is awesome. Will definitely be a return customer. Thanks!

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