Candelaria Crafts is rising from the flames: Reviving an Ancient Practice of Candlemaking with healthy 100 % Beeswax Tapers to help bring Light to these Dark Times while tending the Sacred Flame of Compassion, Hope, and Community.

Let me know if you, or someone you know, would like to participate the creation of these Sacred Wands of Light and share in a Candlelit Dinner Dialogue!

Please feel free to forward this invitation and drop me a note if you would like more information on the process and the availability of Candelaria Tapers.

Kathy Jacobson, Elder Chandler Candelaria Crafts (740) 448-4000

A bit more: Candelaria Crafts is rising from the flames again to revive an ancient ceremonial method of candlemaking and to keep the flame of hope alive in these times of growing darkness. The long tapers are healthy candles made with 100% pure beeswax, cotton wicking, and a method that is no longer practiced anywhere else. Local beeswax is used when available and collaborative partnerships are being pursued to help promote sustainable agriculture and our local economy. The chandlery (studio) is located deep within the Appalachian foothills, is isolated from public services, and is a developing model and educational center for a variety of sustainable practices such a passive/active solar, composting, gardening, preparedness, and land stewardship with an emphasis on community health. Candelaria Crafts offers elegant, efficient, and healthy tapers that are imbued with thanksgiving and prayers for the well-being of all. A Candelaria Taper offers you a means to join in the efforts to bring light into the darkness while enjoying the peace, comfort, and healing that these Sacred Wands of Light will bring into your life. Please contact if you would like to be placed on the mailing list, order candles, share in the offerings of this land, and/or support this Sanctuary of Sustainability in other ways. Thank you. May the Balance Be Restored. kj


Listing last updated on Nov 8, 2004

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