Candle - Large Rolled Comb

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Candle - Large Rolled Comb

Candles from 100% pure beeswax, all from our own bees.

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To make our candles we use 100% pure natural beeswax which we collect from uncapping the frames during the honey harvest. We use 15 gallon melter and more than 50 rubber molds. There is a large variety of figures and variations of colors. The colors are natural coloring agents which come in the form of hue concentrated wax. A vibrant yellow candle has no added color.

Any figure could come in the variety of colors, so specify if a specific color is desired. Majority of candles come in non-color form (yellow). We also make them in red and green colors. The size of the candle is compared to the size of the I-phone 4 as you may see on each picture. Enjoy looking!!! I really hope you will find one you like!!!

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