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While primarily a Civil War Sutler, we have moved onto the farm - finally - and we've found a few goodies tucked away in the woods at our new location!

We are now taking orders for our wild-crafted black walnuts, juniper berries and hickory nuts. We also have a very limited supply of dried wild rose hips available.

Both of our neighbors have large tracts of land primarily used for hunting and camping that we have permission to harvest from as well. Altogether, there are a couple thousand acres of woods and neglected pasture at our disposal. As we plant and explore more of our surroundings, we will be making additional offerings.

We also have a few selections of seed available that were saved from my gardens this year. Most came from previous gardens over the past 20 or so years, and I have long since forgotten where most originated. The challenge here is the 100% clay soil... So, you can be sure that no matter your gardening conditions, what I offer will grow prolifically for you!

BTW - there IS a reason for the Tennessee phone number... We do not have a land line, only cell phones. My husband works in Tennessee, and comes up here to the farm about twice a month at the moment. So, you really are calling me in IL despite the TN area code! Just an FYI to dispel any confusion....


Listing last updated on Nov 13, 2013

It has always been my dream to live on a farm - ever since I was small. Well, hubby and I find ourselves on an old farm, mainly used for hunting over the last decade plus. It has been quite the adventure for us two suburbanites - believe me!

As we explore, we thought we'd ask you to join us.

So -

Welcome to our New Farm Adventure -

You get to explore our new farm with us! As we find, grow and craft more items of interest at our new location, we'll be sure to include them in our store.

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Black Walnuts - Unshelled


I'll be reactivating the Candlewood Sutlery page shortly, but in the meantime - I have finally moved to the farm!

As soon as the listing becomes available, I will be taking orders for black walnuts and hickory nuts, juniper berries and rose hips - all wildcrafted here in Stonefort, IL.... [more]

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