Carlhaven Emu Farm

At Carlhaven Emu Farm our emus lead happy, pampered lives! They are free-ranged, and their diet is supplemented with organic fruits and vegetables. We raise them with no antibiotics, growth hormones, steroids or animal by-products. Our USDA inspected, heart healthy red emu meat is sold as ground, minute steaks, steaks and snack sticks. This delicious meat is high in protein, iron, B vitamins, and very low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. Fresh emu eggs are available November thru April. They are equivalent to 10 large chicken eggs and come in beautiful dark green eggshells! Clean blown egg shells are also available for sale to artisans and crafters. We also sell in season vegetables, herbs, small fruits and cut flowers, which are fertilized with our emu doo, from the farm. We offer educational farm tours for individuals and groups by appointment. We sell a full line of emu oil skin care products, Kaylala Organic Apothecary, made right here on the farm, that can be bought at the farm or through mail-order.


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Carlhaven Emu Farm is family owned and operated and located in the scenic rolling hills of Carroll County. We believe in all natural foods and use no chemicals, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Our emus are free ranged, all naturally fed, hand raised birds. We direct market our meat, eggs, feathers, emu oil products, and custom handmade leather goods from the farm. In season we also have fresh fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, herbs, and homemade jellies. * Chicks will hatch early May*

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At Carlhaven Emu Farm, by appointment please

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