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I have been using herbs all my adult life. My knowledge has come from experimentation and research as well as from a Native American who taught me much of what I know. I am not a generational herbalist who has learned folklore and handed down ignorance of the use of herbs. I also do not agree with self diagnosing. A person should always go to a doctor for concerns, thus knowing for a fact that they have a certain illness or condition and then explore the use of herbs for that condition or illness. My goal has always been knowledge and expertise of using herbs in a safe manner.

ALL of my formulas are my own and not copied from another herb book. While I may use many of the same herbs as others might, the formula is still different. Each of my formulas has been tested on three different people. I use my family, friends and even at times customers who volunteer to try a formula for me.

Although I do not have certification from USDA for certified organic, I am one of the thousands of small scale farmers using sustainable gardening methods that meet or exceed organic standards. My herbs are grown with high quality standards with absolutely no pesticides or herbicides used and are also non-hybrid- non GMO .

Contrary to what most people believe, "organic" does not automatically mean "pesticide-free" or "chemical-free". The USDA's organic-certification program does not guarantee that your food will be grown free of toxins.

Sustainable food production on the other hand, is carried out by small farmers and families who live on the land where they farm and plant crops in relatively small, mixed plots as a form of pest control and to build soil fertility. It really is more natural and I think that is what most people really want.

All the herbs that I grow are hand harvested, with no machinery involved, and, extra care is taken with the harvesting and drying all of the herbs. I put a lot of work into the growing, harvesting, drying and storing of my herbs and are therefore well worth the prices that I am asking. I have high standards and high quality herbs. Remember, you get what you pay for! Fresh herbs, dried in the proper manner, are always of much greater benefit than extracts or tinctures.

I am a member of the Herb Research Foundation and the American Botanical Council. I am constantly researching herbs to keep up with the latest findings.

The items that I sell at the farmers market are different from what I am selling on LOCAL HARVEST. At the market I don't bring the essential oils ; nor any of the dried or fresh herbs; dog or cat flea repellent; very few of my teas. Mostly what I sell is my culinary mixtures which don't sell well here on LOCAL HARVEST. Also, I am not at the market all the time. It is either too hot for my herbs; too windy; rainy and I am pretty fussy with selling my herbs outside in the weather. Also, I need a lot of space and I don't get that at the market. So, your best bet is thro my LOCAL HARVEST online store. You can look thro my online store and see EVERYTHING I have for sale. PLEASE read through the information on the item before emailing me with questions.

I also guarantee all of my products. Your satisfaction is important to me! Your positive reviews help other people to find good, safe herbs as well. If there is ever a problem with your order PLEASE email me first .

I hope you LOVE my herbs as much as I do!

Please Note: My shipping prices are reasonable . I ship first class . Please make sure that the name and address that the items are being sent to is correct.

Getting your order in early in the day before 1 pm assures that your order will go out that day, as I have quite a few orders each day to mail out.


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Balsam Fir Oil


Lemon Verbena Oil
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