Carp Catchers Cooperative, L3C LLC

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Carp Catchers Cooperative, L3C LLC

Carp Catchers Cooperative, L3C LLC (CCC) is a Missouri low-profit, limited liability company in the form of a worker cooperative, and is in the pre-seed stage. Our mission is to harvest the millions of pounds of invasive Asian carp in the Mississippi River Basin National Waters, and process the fish into market Silverfin, into fish meal for animal feed, and into fish oil from which we make biodiesel to power three ships: The Carp Avenger is the harvester, the Carpe Carpae is the fish processing plant, and the Carp Ark is the flotel for the workers. All three ships will be joined similar to rail cars and travel the mid-American rivers, catching about 12 million pounds of fish a year which will yield about 4.4 million pounds of packaged, pan ready Silverfin.

CCC, a socially responsible worker owned and managed cooperative, has four bottom lines: People, Planet, Profit, and Principles. Our marketing plan calls for distribution to food co-ops and small, family owned enterprises which deal in GMO-free foods, organic foods, and as much as possible, Locavore foods.

CCC's primary distribution will be in the states which are riparian to the Mississippi River and its tributaries. We need to create a list of willing retail outlets for the Silverfin. We will be able to ship vacuum packaged premium fish cuts (fillets and steaks) which can be shipped and stored at room temperature for up to a year and still be good tasting, safe, and pan-ready. The Silverfin, unlike the common carp (a bottom feeder), is a top feeder and eats zooplankton and phytoplankton. Chefs in top end restaurants pay $15.00 per pound for the boneless cuts. Other cuts, with a few large bones easily removed after cooking, will run about $3.00 to $5.00 per pound. The fish sticks, fish balls, fish patties and other shaped meats will probably be in the $2.40 per pound range.

We need help with our marketing plan, namely names and contact information of worker cooperatives and small family enterprises willing to accept cases of vacuum packaged Silverfin. With a good list, we can then start raising the millions needed to establish our shipyard and build our fleet. Please contact me at:

Thanks, Jim Miller


Listing last updated on Jul 25, 2011

Carp Catchers Cooperative, dedicated to saving native fish and depopulating invasive Asian Carp in the mid-American rivers. See: "If we can't beat 'em, we'll eat 'em."

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