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Carter and Stevens Farm Store is the perfect farm to visit! We are located on Rt 122 in Barre MA. Our farm is a 1000 acre dairy farm. At our store we sell lots of our own products such as milk, ice cream, vegetables, grass fed beef, honey, maple syrup, hay, and wood. We also sell tons of Massachusetts products like cheese, beer, wine, groceries, and so much more!!! We also have a petting zoo, play ground and observation bee hive! Check out our web site for more info!

Our own Milk! At Carter & Stevens Farm, our family has been milking cows twice a day, everyday since 1938! That’s a lot of experience! When you buy a gallon of our milk you are getting a lot more than just a delicious drink!

-We do not treat our cows with hormones, and there are no antibiotics in our milk. -Our milk is extremely fresh because we bottle twice a week. When you buy milk from the grocery store it may be over a week old when you buy it because most of it comes from out of state. -Our milk comes from cows that eat grass all-day-long in a pasture, adding a distinct fresh taste. -There are only a few dairy farms left in Massachusetts. When a farm goes out of business its land can be lost forever to housing developments. If you buy our milk you are directly contributing to keeping 1000 acres of land in Barre undeveloped as open space. So, when you see that beautiful field near your house… let it be a reminder to pick up Carter & Stevens Farm milk!

In short, when you buy our milk you help your family by giving them a safe product and you also help the environment in addition to supporting ethical treatment of cows! WOW!

Our own Vegetables. We have a great assortment of fresh vegetables, most of which we grow ourselves using organic farming practices! If we don’t grow the vegetables ourselves we always buy locally from our friends at nearby farms. We also sell some produce that can’t be grown here… like bananas, lemons, and avocados! We are famous for our outstanding sweet corn, tomatoes, and pumpkins! -Sweet Corn is picked fresh daily from late July all the way ‘till October (or first frost). We grow over 15 different varieties of sweet corn a year! Vote on your favorite at the end of the year. From “Silver King” (white corn) to “Candy Store” we are bound to please even the pickiest cornasure! Also, we sell our own frozen corn, so you can enjoy it all year round… Great for Thanksgiving and Christmas! -Tomatoes here are the biggest, and ripest you’ll find anywhere! All that fresh fertilizer from the farm helps the tomatoes grow! -Pumpkins are a fall favorite here! We have big pumpkins, small ones, jack-o-lanterns, red, orange, and white ones… gourds, corn stalks, mums, indian corn, sunflowers, and everything else you can imagine with fall (and some things you can’t imagine too!)

Beer & Wine. Our great selection LOCAL beer and wine will surprise you! They also make great gifts to give!

-We sell wine from 3 different local vineyards. The Hardwick Vineyard & Winery makes 6 different wines. Our favorite is the Cranberry! We Also sell Wine from Charlton Orchard’s Obadiah Macintyre winery. They make great fruit wines, like Black Gold made with ripe blackberries! West County hard cider is also available at our store! Molly’s personal favorite is the Blueberry Apple wine… great on a hot summer day! We also have a wide selection of wine from all over the world! -Wine not your cup of tea? We have a great local beer selection including beer from Berkshire Brewing Company, Wachusett Brewing company, Magic Hat, and Long Trail! Of course, we also carry the basics like Budwiser, Coors and many many more! Ice Cream: Try our delicious homemade Ice cream, made with our own milk! We have 20 different flavors! We also have unique Sundaes like the “Bee wild” with warm honey (made here on the farm), “Papa’s Maple Sundae” with our own maple syrup, and the “Chocolate Manure Pit” enough to satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving!!

Hay & Shavings. We have high quality horse hay available year round. We have first and second cuttings (great for Alpacas!). Also, we have round bales and mulch (construction) hay. Deliveries anywhere! Call ahead for pricing as well as pick up and/or delivery options.

Grass Fed Beef. Our grass fed beef is available in steaks, and ground beef. It is not only delicious, but very healthy! We do not use any dyes of preservatives.

MORE! Too many things to list! Try our own Honey and Maple Syrup! You can even Watch them Both Being made! We have an observation bee hive right inside the store, where you can safely watch the bees make your honey. Visitors are also welcome to come see our maple boiling operation is the spring time (February and March). Grandpa Dan Stevens “Papa” is the maple master at the farm. To sample the honey or syrup try a “Papa’s Maple Sundae” or a “Bee Wild Sundae”! Both available only at our farm! -We have Homemade bread, pies, and snacks from our cousin’s bakery that are to die for! Call ahead to order pies or specially made cakes for any occasion! -Tons of local products that are hard to find, are available at our farm. Farmer Sean’s favorite is Uncle Mike’s Salsa, made in Belchertown.

Check out our web site for more info!


Listing last updated on Apr 4, 2007

Check out our store featuring our own milk, Ice cream, vegetables, grass fed beef, honey, maple syrup, hay, and wood. We also sell tons of Massachusetts products like cheese, beer, wine, groceries, and More!

Schedule and Location:

500 West St (rt 122), Barre Ma
We are located right on Rt122, just north of Barre center.

Open 7 days a week. Call, or check our web site for hours of operation

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