Cat Toy Organic CATNIP ONLY Mini-Sack ~ FUN!!

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Cat Toy Organic CATNIP ONLY Mini-Sack ~ FUN!!

SPECIAL OFFER: try one for .97! Mr. Nipster Organic Catnip Filled Sack Toy, Kitties love 'em, rave reviews from customers & cats!

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SPECIAL! Try one for just 97 cents! Each sack toy has 100% organic catnip inside, NO POLYFILL, and kitties love them! Well-made, cleanly finished, nice safe cat toys in a variety of woven fabric, kitty prints & more ~ sewn or securely tied w/cotton cord (YOUR CHOICE!) ~ each one is freshly custom-made & stuffed with our extra potent Hi-Test Mr. Nipster ORGANIC Catnip for Real Cool Cats!

*TESTIMONIAL* from Barbara: "I ordered a collection of mini-sacks last year & they made such a hit with my 3 cats that I re-ordered & gave multiples as Christmas presents to friends who say their cats were as thrilled with the toys as mine were. These mouse-sized toys are extraordinary! I've got catnip in my garden & my cats are sometimes enthralled with it, roll over on it, chew it, but are just as likely to walk right on past. They never walk past these toys. The catnip in the mini-sacks is a sure-fire attention-getter. These toys don't usually get "lost" because the cats keep dragging them out to play with them again & the fabric for each sack is special too - obviously chosen with great care, many have cat designs on them and all are attractive. Recommended!"

At Catnip Farm all proceeds from our catnip & handmade cat toy sales go towards veterinary expenses for rescued stray, feral & special needs cats. We've been making catnip toys to raise $ for homeless kitties for 30+ years.

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1 oz. of our organic cat/pet grass mix = appx. 950 seeds!

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In Memory of Mom ~ my greatest inspiration, friend & teacher ~ she loved art, design, sewing, cats, nature & perfection.