A Catnip Farm PARTY for CATS! Mousie+Catnip+Grass!

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A Catnip Farm PARTY for CATS! Mousie+Catnip+Grass!

HUGE & Med. Catnip Mousies, the BEST CAT TOYS EVER (Green Eyes, our customer model) + 1oz. kittygrass seeds + 5g. organic catnip!

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At Catnip Farm we grow and make special gifts for pets and people, all proceeds from our product sales go to veterinary expenses for rescued stray, feral & special needs cats.

Our customer & Kitty Greens (cat + pet grass) model Green Eyes suggested we offer a Catnip Farm 'Kitty Party Pack' because HIS mom buys kitty greens AND catnip toys AND Catnip Farm's 'Mr. Nipster, Organic Catnip for Real Cool Cats' for her kitty family ~ and man, he really he loves his Huge Mousie!

His mom wrote: "Green Eyes LOOOOOVES his new catnip mouse! He can't leave it alone! I think he might have a little problem! But he doesn't think it's a problem as long as we don't cut him off!"

Our Huge Catnip Mousies are FUN! For 17+ years, this unique toy �design has made lots & lots of kitties happy... they love their big fat colorful hand-made mousies. Each is double-stitched where it counts, has a long, STURDY tail & inside is 1 full oz. of fragrant organic catnip + some poly-stuffing ~ great for kicking & biting, makes a cuddly pillow ~ & they're washable!

These Mousies are truly HUGE compared to average cat toys ~ 8" long plus an 18" tail. Each Huge Mousie is unique, sewn with a nice combination of colorful, fuzzy fabrics ~ custom-made from scratch, fresh per your order.

The 4" mice are squishy too, with a LOT of 'nip inside ~ they're 3 color traditional "side-view" mice with 7-8" tails, cleanly sewn & finished. Please click "Browse Our Store" to see pictures of our 4" mousies, thank you!

1 oz. of our organic cat/pet grass mix = appx. 950 seeds!

Shipping time: most orders I make and send out in 2-10 business days. For cat toys, beds and nap pads, please see my store listing. Please order early for holidays, and write to ericka@catnipfarm.com if your order is URGENT, thank you!

In Memory of Mom ~ my greatest inspiration, friend & teacher ~ she loved art, design, sewing, cats, nature & perfection.