Catnip Organic Leaf & Flower Kitties LOVE it!

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Catnip Organic Leaf & Flower Kitties LOVE it!

HAPPY CATS 'R' US! Mr. Nipster Dried or Fresh Organic Catnip, Kitty Cat Approved ~ extremely high quality & potency. FELINE FUN!

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 MrNipsterFreshPick-3 oz.$14.25

On Vacation until 02/07/15 


On Vacation until 02/07/15 

 MrNipsterCatnip-1 oz.$4.75

On Vacation until 02/07/15 

 MrNipsterFreshPick-1 oz.$4.75

On Vacation until 02/07/15 

from: Catnip Farm

Catnip Farm is on vacation until 02/07/15. Orders will be shipped soon after that date.

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Welcome to Catnip Farm! We grow organic catnip & make happy, healthy gifts for pets & people. All proceeds go to veterinary expenses for rescued stray, feral & special needs cats.

Our catnip is GREAT. It's 100% organically grown leaf, flower & buds only (no stems) ~ high quality & potency, carefully dried & hand-milled for kitty cat happiness or as calming herbal tea for people. (Out of stock here? Check our Catnip Seed listing 4 more fresh dried catnip!)

I've been making catnip toys to raise $ for homeless kitties for 30+ years & cultivating (improving) our own primo organic catnip for 17 years. Our variety is unique; extremely aromatic, cold-hardy plants. Kitties LOVE it, their owners send us fan mail. We have a pile of testimonials from cat owners whose kitties had no interest in catnip before they tried ours. Please click "Visit our Listing" to read our reviews!

We also offer whole catnip flowers on the stem (10g. pack) & fresh-picked catnip. Please click 'Browse our Store' to find our CATNIP SEEDS, organic potting mix & easy to grow organic Cat & Pet Grass (kitty greens) seeds.

We offer various shipping options, save $ by ordering Mr. Nipster Organic Catnip for Real Cool Cats in an envelope or play it safe & order your catnip in a Priority Box. Cats do open our envelopes, they know what's inside.

1 oz. = 28.4 grams. Large orders ship via Priority Mail.

Please visit our pals at The Johnson County Humane Society,


1 oz. of our organic cat/pet grass mix = appx. 950 seeds!

Shipping time: most orders I make and send out in 2-10 business days. For cat toys, beds and nap pads, please see my store listing. Please order early for holidays, and write to if your order is URGENT, thank you!

In Memory of Mom ~ my greatest inspiration, friend & teacher ~ she loved art, design, sewing, cats, nature & perfection.