Catnip Seeds Organic / Nepeta Cataria

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Catnip Seeds Organic / Nepeta Cataria

Nepeta is a genus of about 250 species of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae.

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The members of this group are known as catnip or catmint because of their effect on cats - nepeta pleasantly stimulates cats' pheromone receptors, typically resulting in temporary euphoria.

Catmints are also used in herbal medicine for their mild sedative effect on humans. Catnip and catmints are mainly known for the behavioral effects they have on cats, not only domestic cats but big cats also (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.).

When cats sense the bruised leaves or stems of catnip, they may roll over it, paw at it, chew it, lick it, leap about and purr, or heavily salivate. Some will growl, meow, scratch, or bite the hand holding it.

Some cats will eat dried catnip. Often, eating too much can cause cats to be overtly aggressive, typically making them hiss.

Catnip has a history of human medicinal use for its soothing properties. It has also been known to have a slightly numbing effect.

The plant has been consumed as a tea, juice, tincture, infusion or poultice, and has also been smoked. Nepetalactone is a mosquito and flies repellent.

This is an adaptable plant that typically grows in full or partial sun, moist to dry conditions, and a soil that is loamy, rocky, or gravelly. Limey soil with a higher than average pH is preferred, but it will grow in ordinary garden soil.

The mature size of this plant is strongly influenced by moisture levels and soil fertility. It's more drought resistant than many other members of the Mint family.

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