Cedar Creek Produce is a small fruit and vegetable farm emphasizing on quality and freshness. We have strawberry, red raspberry, black raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry u-pic and pre picked avaiable in season. We also grow all the summer veg. and melons and are becoming recognized for our delicious sweet corn. We have brown eggs, maple syrup {made right here in our own sugar house} and honey (from our own bees, made from the nectar of the fruit flowers that we grow).Also have started raising our own pigs and cattle, fed all naturally, with no growth hormones or additives of any kind. We start with asparagus on April 15, along with greenhouse tomatoes, red raspberrys, and strawberrys that are mouth watering.We also sell large potted tomato plants and hanging baskets of tomatoes, flowers, strawberrys, and mums.We do an extensive display of pumpkins & fall decorations with every color and size of pumpkin available, wierd & warted squash and gourds, straw bales, corn shocks and mums starting Sept. 15.This fall we hope to have a limited supply of bittersweet.


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We now also sell duck and goose eggs for eating (lower in cholesterol, more vitamin E, make your baked goods raise better and taste richer) or for painting and egg crafting, and carry split firewood, and lawn and garden fertilizer all year long. Taking orders now for 1/2 or whole hog, butchered your way, also taking orders for 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow later in the summer.

Schedule and Location:

Townhouse on tuesdays Thursday dupont downs and georgetown Sunday East state village

Schedule and Location:

U-pic hours are 8 am to 6 pm,7 days a week for strawberry season. Raspberries(red and black), Blueberry,and Blackberry picking on first come basis, you should call for availability.Also, sign up sheets for u-pic are on counter at farm stand, 11709 Clay St. Leo/Cedarville

Schedule and Location:

Maket hours are 8AM-8PM mostly on self serve basis, eggs, honey, maple syrup are sold year round at 11709 Clay St. Leo/Cedarville

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I bought several pounds of pre picked strawberries. After taking home to can, I had over half at the bottom rotted and unuseable. I suspect they did not refrigerate.... [more]

Love that I found you on this site! We take the kids every fall to get pumpkins and fall decor and we LOVE to drive by the field when it's full of pumpkins.... [more]

We love going to pick our own fruit and I love that the kids can help and see how fruit is grown. My 6 yr old loves to help pick fruit and the 4 yr old loves to help cook and preserve so I get help for the entire process.... [more]

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