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CEDAR DAWN FARM rests in agricultural Monroe County, West Virginia. Our family oriented operation was established in 2000. We currently raise meat goats, primarily boer/kiko crosses and we have recently added beef cattle to our farming operation. In keeping with an all natural approach we only use medications or wormers to correct health issues. Our meat animals are raised on browse and pasture, not corn or grain. This results in a naturally meaty animal with minimal fat. We are a licensed meat distributor and work with a local federally inspected meat processing facility to ensure product quality and to supply our customers with high quality, custom ordered cuts of meat. Our breeding program is directed to producing self-sufficient, meaty animals that thrive on browse and pasture. Being grassfed means our animals are fed the way nature intended. Feeding large quantities of grains to grazing animals makes that meat less beneficial for human consumption. Without the heavy grain feedings of a feed lot, grassfed meats have a healthier, more balanced nutrient profile. Grassfed meats are much higher in omega-3 (good) fats, detoxifying agents such as conjugated linoleic acids (CLA's) and vitamin E. They are also lower in calories, total fat and saturated fats. Goat meat also has twice as much iron as chicken or lamb.

Goat meat does not marble with fat like beef. Instead, the fat is carried under the skin. Additionally, our goats carry very little fat as a result of our management practices. Due to this lack of fat, goat meat can be dried out very easily when cooking. It must be cooked slowly and at lower temperatures, then it is quite tender and moist.


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We stock a variety of frozen meat cuts of both beef and goat. Meat is available direct from the farm and we can ship it direct to you as well. Our standard selection includes: Beef- ground, patties, steaks, filet mignon, roasts, and liver. Goat-chops, leg roast, stew meat.

Schedule and Location:

We sell cuts of beef and goat off the farm as well as ship meat direct to your home. Farm pickup is available Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. but please call to set up an appointment as we do have off the farm jobs as well.

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