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The Central Michigan CSA Farm grows a large variety of naturally grown vegetables, fruits and melons and feeds families across the Central Michigan area through our CSA program. We are currently accepting New Members while spots are available. You can learn more about the varieties we grow below. We also offer Premium shares which include about every fruit that is grown in Michigan.

We will have around 10 acres of certified organic ground in production this spring and look forward to offering this produce to our members in 2015. We also produce a large variety of all natural Jams and jellies, 100% Pure Maple Syrup, and some honey. Our CSA members get a 25% discount on specialty items we might have on hand.

In addition to the Fruit and Vegetable CSA we are also filling memberships for our Farm Fresh Egg CSA, you can visit our website below to learn more about he EGG share. Also learn more about our farm, what we grow, and how we grow. I think you'll love the CSA program we offer, we get a lot of returning members and great feedback every year. Feel free to call me directly with any questions, I'm here to help.

We offer an 18 to 20 CSA program with a pick up every week. It typically starts in Late May - Early June and goes into October. We grown extra quantities for canning and freezing and offer a discount to members for anything extra they want to purchase.

I appreciate you considering the Central Michigan CSA and I would love the opportunity to grow your families food. If you have been looking at CSA programs and want to discuss your questions or concerns, just give me a call. If you like Face Book, just click on the Face Book Icon below and that will take you to our CSA farm page.

The CSA Farm

We know that "How" we grow is more important than what we grow. I assume you, like most of our members, are considering a CSA share because you want good tasting, chemical free, and responsibly grown food that is safe to eat. People have said they enjoy the variety we offer, they've said they like the challenge of cooking with fresh produce and trying something new. But by and large it's about healthy, wholesome food. We use organic growing methods and currently have 10 acres in certification and the rest in transition.

Our growing method consists of raised beds with a bio degradable mulch covering. Under that covering is a drip line for irrigation. We irrigate out of one of our ponds here on the farm. This method conserves water, there is little evaporation and 0% run off. We also don't use herbicides, pesticides or any other non organic chemicals. I'm happy to discuss other details over the phone or in person.


Listing last updated on Dec 16, 2014

Currently accepting New members while spots last... The Central Michigan CSA offers a wide variety of chemical free, naturally grown, fresh picked produce. Besides vegetables and melons, we also provide about every fruit grown in Michigan making it one of the best CSA programs you'll find. Our CSA program 18-20 weeks making it very economical. Feel free to get in touch: Joe: 989-284-8251

Season:  May through October

Type:  multiple farm

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  117

Full Share:  Regular Full Share Price is $535 for 18-20 weeks! Premium full shares also available.

1/2 Share:  Half Share Cost $325 18-20 weeks! Premium 1/2 Share also available.

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

The 2014 Schedule for our U-Pick farm will be posted shortly. We will be offering several types of naturally grown vegetables here at the farm along with bulk quantities of fresh Michigan fruit. Give us a call to see what's available or message us on Facebook using the Icon Above.

Schedule and Location:

We have a farm stand right here at our farm it's always open. You can use this address: 11281 South Rodgers Avenue Clare, Mi 48617 in your mapping device or give us a call for directions. We offer a large variety of fresh picked produce. Fruits, vegetables and melons. Along with Maple Syrup and Raw Honey.

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