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Century Gap Farm is located in the small town of Benson in the southern Adirondack Mountains. We raise small quantities of forest fed heritage breed hogs and pastured chicken, to order. Because of the traditional way the animals are raised, no hormones or antibiotics are required.

Our heritage breed hogs roam freely in a large forest area where they dig for roots and insects. They also browse on grass and other leafy greens. In the Autumn they eat acorns and other nuts found on the forest floor. This natural food gives their meat a rich, distinctive flavor that conventionally raised pork lacks. We are currently raising a standard Cornish Cross Chicken.They are raised in a portable floorless pen that is moved to fresh pasture daily. The chickens are able to forage for grasses and insects. They also have plenty of fresh air and sunlight. In return, their meat is much healthier and tastier than industrial chicken.

Although much of the diet of the chickens and pigs consists of natural forage, they are also provided with surplus vegetable scraps (when possible) and a blended ration at full free choice. We choose local (NON-GMO) grains from Inverness Farm in Canajoharie NY. They grind and bag only what they grow. This allows us to control exactly what goes into our animals as well as the ability to formulate specific blends depending on nutritional needs.

When it is time for processing, the animals go to the New York State licensed and Organic certified Eklund´┐Ż??s Processing, in Stamford, NY. Organic processing ensures that hazardous chemicals are not used in the processing, or in the cleaning the processing equipment. This ensures the natural qualities of the meat. They are also Animal Welfare Approved, and have even exceeded the standards by implementing their own additional animal welfare standards. By utilizing low stress and humane handling techniques during processing, the ultra-high quality standards of the meat are maintained. What you get is the highest quality, tender, flavorful, and juicy meat.


Listing last updated on Mar 18, 2014

Look for our pork now at Fifty South Restaurant in Ballston Spa, NY and at The Table at Fort Plain in Fort Plain, NY !!!!!

*****Whole Hogs SOLD OUT for 2014**** Hogs must be ordered before April 1st and will be harvested in the fall. ---The first batch of chickens will be harvested mid June and the last batch early October. Please see website, call, or email for additional info.

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