Cereus Peruvianus (Kubo, Apple Cactus)

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Cereus Peruvianus (Kubo, Apple Cactus)

If you are looking for Apple Cactus or Kubo, you already know the choice flavors you experience from this botanical wonder.

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As mentioned above, if you seek to grow this fruit, we don't have to explain or sell its attributes. Better than the dragon fruit, it is probably the top of the line for fruit coming off the desert environs. Adult plants in the right climate can produce astounding amounts of fruit.

LARGE CUTTINGS: Cuttings are about a foot long each - the only need to be hardened off (set upright in the shade) and then planted an inch below the soil in a very sandy soil if you have it although ours grow in "adobe" which has a lot of clay. Allow them to root in pots, transplant, and if the soil drains well, you can water as much as you like. They will grow quickly, as most cactus will, if given water and good drainage.

Depending on the age of the tip we send, they could fruit in the first season but the fruit will be small. The trick is to leave the fruit on as long as possible. THEN you get the full creamy flavors of this delicacy. Off the cactus and into the fridge, then an almost ice cream consistency will meet the palette.

These are all great for pot living, too, as long as the pot is wide and you keep it out of the wind - such as in a patio environment - so it doesn't tip.

Customers are responsible for finding out if a plant is appropriate for their climate.

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