Certified Organic English Lavender Hydrosol

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Certified Organic English Lavender Hydrosol

Our signature handcrafted Certified Organic English Lavender Hydrosol (Essential Water, True Floral Water) (CCOF certified)

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English Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia 'Vera' is a mild and naturally diluted product.

It consists of the water-soluble parts of the the Lavender Flower and is created by steam-distillation.

We use only Lavandula angustifolia 'Vera' (True/English) Flowers for our oils and hydrosols, instead of standard "Lavandula x intermedia", f.e. 'Grosso' (French) Varieties.

The difference lies in the quality of the oil and hydrosol as well as in the chemical profile and therewith the medicinal properties...

English Vera Lavender has exactly those medicinal properties and fragrance that made Lavender so famous - high Lanolyl and Linalol Acetate and low campher contents...

French lavenders yield more flowers and Essential Oil and are therefore used in many products that do not classify the exact variety on its label. These oils and hydrosols are more efficiently produced, but usually of a lower quality, not only determined by the scent, but also through its distinct chemical characteristics.

123 Farm always specifies the exact variety and never dilutes or adds anything to its products...

Lavender hydrosol is diluted and can be used generously on the skin or in a bath. It may help with sleeping problems, nervous or hormonal imbalances, excitement, depressions, skin healing, burns, sunburns, disinfection, against insects, moths, ants, as a tonic, etc... also try a drop of hydrosol in a glass of water or a lemonade...

(This is not a medical statement)

We water our Herbs only with natural spring water from our own Creek. We do not fertilize nor use any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in, near or around our fields and the Resort and exceed organic certification requirements since more than 18 years, being Certified Organic with CCOF since 2004...

All products exceed organic standards as required by CCOF and are irrigated with natural spring water & hand harvested