Certified Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

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Certified Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Our signature handcrafted Certified Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (CCOF certified).

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Rosemary - "Dew of the Sea"...

Our Rosmarinus officinalis Essential Oil is hand harvested and hand produced in small batches...

Rosemary in our climate flowers around late March / early April which makes it our first crop for Distillation during the Summer season...

Even though the leaves are commonly used for Distillation in the industry to produce larger quantities of essential oil throughout the year, we at 123 Farm only use the fine flowers and leaves in early spring for the finest and highest quality essential oils for Aromatherapy, household or medicinal use.

Our Oil has been tested by an independent chemical laboratory as one of the highest quality rosemary extracts available.

Our unique terrain - which consists of the soil composition, altitude, climate, humidity and temperature changes through the seasons in combination with our organic practices and the specific plant material combine to create this little mystery...

We always specify the exact variety and never dilute or add anything to the oil. Our Essential Oils are therapeutic grade and with 123 Farm Essential Oils and Hydrosols you will always get the highest quality possible.

Rosemary is known to support brain function and memory capacity, help against inflammation in joints or arthritic conditions, and like all high quality essential oils creates a wonderful fragrance and in this case goes especially well with food. It also helps with disinfection and against insects, moths, ants, etc.

We water our Herbs only with natural spring water from our own Creek. We do not fertilize nor use any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in, near or around our fields and the Resort and exceed organic certification requirements since more than 18 years, being Certified Organic with CCOF since 2004...

All products exceed organic standards as required by CCOF and are irrigated with natural spring water & hand harvested