Certified Organic Sheep Wool

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Certified Organic Sheep Wool

From our pastured sheep. 100% organic and untreated.

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from: 123 Farm

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This is the wool from one of our pastured sheep.

Most of it is "white" (cream-white), some "black" (very dark brown), and some grey. There is also a little bit of Cotswold-Wool (grey, longer fibers, more like curly-hair).

We sell this wool uncleaned as it is for now.

That means that it can still contain grass-seeds or other dirt.

It will also contain the very healthy lanolin and you can be sure that it is absolutely 100% untreated.

Please inquire shipping prices for large amounts over long distances. The wool itself is not very heavy, but takes up a lot of space, so shipping could get expensive and might change depending on your location.

We water our Herbs only with natural spring water from our own Creek. We do not fertilize nor use any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides in, near or around our fields and the Resort and exceed organic certification requirements since more than 18 years, being Certified Organic with CCOF since 2004...

All products exceed organic standards as required by CCOF and are irrigated with natural spring water & hand harvested