Chamomile - German - Heirloom

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Chamomile - German -  Heirloom

Chamomile has a very nice fragrance. Graceful plants are 12-20" tall.

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Native to Europe, Africa and Asia. Chamomile has a very nice fragrance and was a popular stewing herb in Medieval England. Graceful plants are 12-20" tall with endless masses of 1" attractive daisy- like flowers. Annual.

Plant at a soil temp of 61-68 degrees Seed depth: 1/4" Transplant: 18-24" Row spacing: 36" Days to Germination: 14-21 Harvest days: 80-90

Seed Saving Instructions: Gardeners should only grow one variety at a time to save pure seed, or isolate varieties by 1/4 mile. Seeds are ready to harvest when the blooms begin to turn brown and dry. The seeds are contained in the very center. When the heads are completely dry, gently crush the heads between hands and then carefully winnow away the chaff.

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