Listing last updated on Aug 17, 2000

Schedule and Location:

on the square in Charleston Wednesday, 6:00 a.m.- sellout

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The Charleston Farmers Market brings the best of fresh produce, baked goods, local crafts and fresh flowers directly to us. I'm able to stroll around the quaint and historic square, visiting with friends, neighbors and visitors to our lovely city, all while enjoying the best of nature's bounty and the dedication and hard work of people that comprise the backbone of our country.... [more]

The farmers market in Charleston is an excellent alternative to shopping in the grocery store. I live on the square, which is where the market is held twice weekly, so it's very convenient to walk down the stairs of my apartment building and already be at the market.... [more]

I support Charleston Farmers Market because there is less waste and pollution, and the health benefit and quality of the food are much better when produced locally than the "shipped-in" produce.

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