Charleston Power Family Garden

We are a garden which started as a dream of a family orchard. Growing hard-to-find fruits is our main goal, as well as other produce as time permits. Many of our varieties are still maturing, and we are always expanding the scope of what we grow. The garden is operated on city-owned land that we lease. We use no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and grow in a way that will continue to improve the soil. We also grow using no additional irrigation, relying on rainfall and mulch to sustain the plants.

Listing last updated on Jul 1, 2014

It promises to be an exciting year, with the garden becoming the primary job for one of the family. We're really happy to be able to produce good food that is hard to find elsewhere for the city we love and call home. Please feel free to email if you have any produce requests. Current plants we plan to add: Hardy (trifoliate) Citrus, American Persimmon, Maypop (hardy passionfruit), Black Raspberries.

This is our first year offering wholesale fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Please contact us for further inquiry.

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