Latke Demonstration with Pickleville's Pickleman

On Friday, December 7th chef Bill Averbach, owner of Pickleville, the premier producer of probiotic pickles and fresh salsas will be demonstrating a wide variety of recipes and techniques for making Latkes, the Yiddish word for the E. European potato pancakes usually made for the holiday season. His light and entertaining rapport is refreshing and very informative. See and sample as he prepares these tasty and starchy wonders using some unique ingredients and toppings adding comedy and professional prowess to a combination of local ingredients available at Atherton Market. Some of the demo will include recipes for the Three-minute latke, sweet potato latke, pickle encrusted latke, Mexican latke, and more. He has also thrown down the gauntlet in a challenge to area chefs to outdo and outfry him at this demo. "When it comes to cooking it takes more than a couple years in school to make a good chef. A true chef de cuisine is much like a master musician who has practiced his craft for years and learned to use experience rather than a piece of paper from a school. Bring it on chefs!" says Averbach. The demo will be held during regular Friday market 9a - 2p hours at Atherton Mill Market. No admission charge - lots of samples Anyone interested in participating as a chef should email intent to show to .

Date: Dec 7, 2012
Start Time:10:00 AM
End Time:1:00 PM
Organized by:Pickleville at Atherton Mill and Market
Address: 2104 SOuth Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203
Email: Email Us