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I come from a great line of gardening families so when I made the decision to keep Honeybees the Chickens naturally came along for the ride. These additions to our vegtable garden has no doubt turned our little plot on earth into an Eden.

I have been keeping bees for thirteen years now since at the time we started to garden we found that pollination was a hard deal since bee colonies were having a hard time to due sickness from mites. My idea was to have our own bees to help us in the garden. This project has been a labor of love and found it most rewarding.

The next step behind bees where chickens, our small flock are a free ranging bunch most days. But with style, we have a selection of brown and blue layers for the most nutrional value. We serve them up leftovers from the gardens, but when that runs low any local store that is willing can give up produce not useable. Let me tell you some of the produce they eat is the best in town. We offer three types of eggs for sale by the dozen, pullets (most nutritional) Extra Large and Rainbow Assorted.

Right now we are offering our local honey and fresh rainbow eggs for sale by deliveryor pick up, check it out, you'll be doing something good for your body and enviroment!


Listing last updated on Jun 14, 2014

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