Since this land was Mexico, my family has been working to produce food, shelter, and the next generation from it. For 180 years, this has been the place where our children went to school, fell in love, began families, suffered tragedies, and successes.This land produces many products: Our cattle are raised 100% on pasture or hay grown on our own land. The only chemicals used are salt and mineral licks to meet any nutritional deficiencies from the soil. We believe a healthy cow will have a healthy immune system all on her own. Our Barbado Sheep also are raised entirely on grass and mineral blocks. The chickens are offered grain, but generally derive almost all of their sustenance from hunting around the property for bugs and greens. Their eggs are delicious! Aside from these main items which are available in limited supply and by advance order, we also produce many pears completely untreated by any chemicals in late July and a few gallons of wildflower honey. Visitors are welcome to catch fish from any of the stocked tanks or out of the Navidad river or we can catch them and clean them for you.

Not presently certified organic or any other certification, we will be pursuing the certifications soon.


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Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Pears, Blackberries, Dewberries, Eggs, Honey and Catfish

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Schedule and Location:

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