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Cherry Creek Farm - a high altitude farm specializing in Purebred Registered Icelandic Sheep products: fleece, roving, millspun yarn, handspun yarn, and pelts. We raised our sheep absolutely as nature intended, without the use of growth stimulants or unnecessary antibiotics - only grass, organic trimmings from our gardens, and homeopathic care. We were the first flock in the nine Western state region to become USDA Scrapie Free Certified, after an initial 5 year inspection and monitoring program!

This wonderful mid-sized grass-based genetic breed is the oldest purebred sheep breed on the planet and is legendary for:

WOOL FIBER - 17 different color and pattern shades. Dual-coated. Felts very easily. Lustrous, strong, versatile. Classified in the exotic or premium category.

MEAT - due to low fat and lanolin content, their meat flavor is mild, tender, fine-grained and rated as 5 Star Gourmet.

MILK - Icelandic sheep milk is Europe's secret to world famous cheese and yogurts.

PELTS - Icelandic pelts are garment quality with their thin-skinned, pliable hides and luxurious long fleece available in a myriad of color combinations.

MANURE - time-released and an excellent addition to your growing areas. Or compost and bag with peat moss or coco and have a local fertilizing product.


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I was so thrilled when I received my wool roving order from Cherry Creek Farm that I made my second purchase from them only days later! The fibers are so soft, beautiful and clean.... [more]

I bought this yarn to sample Icelandic wool as part of Clara Parkes' "Woolalong" - a Ravelry group that samples a different breed of wool every month. Frankly, I was a little skeptical about this one, as my previous experience with Icelandic wool had only been with commercially-made, scratchy Lopi-type yarns.... [more]

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