Chicken CSA - Full-Share

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Chicken CSA -  Full-Share

Full-Share in Bart & Sarah's 2014 Chicken CSA. Includes 50 chicken in 2014. And a 10% discount on our premium brown eggs!

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 2014 CSA Full Share $850.00  Qty:

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This is a Full-Share in Bart & Sarah's 2014 chicken CSA! Through this purchase, in 2014 you will receive 50 of B&S's highest quality chicken!

Delivery will be spread out into 5 batches at 10 chicken per batch. Processing dates are: April 19, May 17, June 14, September 20, and October 18.

We realize that our prices are higher than the grocery stores'. However, unlike the chicken available at the big grocery stores, our chicken are produced in a humane environment, where they are free to "be chicken," running around, foraging, and enjoying life under the light of the sun. Our chickens' diet is supplemented by a non-GMO grain grown by a local farm that received ZERO government subsidies. They are NEVER fed antibiotics, hormones, or any other harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, our slow-growing chicken really do live outside and roam the pasture freely. This is what is meant by the term "pasture-raised." In contrast, the big corporations like to use the very misleading description, "free-range" chicken. Which is not the same as "pasture raised." Corporate "free-range" chicken live out their lives in large, dark, windowless indoor buildings where, they barely have room to move due to being packed together so tightly. In contrast, our chicken roam and forage naturally, and in turn, the meat is lean and delicious.

Your CSA share includes packaging for whole chicken. We will gladly cut up and package chicken into parts for an additional $1.50/chicken, payable at time of delivery

Bart and Sarah's - practicing conscientious, humane, sustainable farming since 2005. Our pasture-raised chicken are happy, lean, hormone-free, and chemical-free, raised on pasture and fed an unsubsidized non-GMO grain.