Chicken Eggs 3 Dozen

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Chicken Eggs 3 Dozen

1 dozen fresh free range eggs, brown, blue, green and white from several heritage breeds.

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Free range chickens that have never tasted added hormones , but have seen lots of sun shine and fresh air laid these beautiful eggs in a variety of colors; most are brown, but we try to include at least one or two eggs of other colors including blue, green, white and speckled.

Our chickens have full run of the barn yard and as an added treat get garden scrapes and all the bugs they can catch. The yolks are bright orange with out any added dyes due to the fresh veggies and grass that these birds eat. Taste the difference true free ranging makes.

Our Plymouth Barred Rocks, Amaracuanas and other are happy hens that provide delectable fresh eggs and fertile hatching eggs.

Honey's Farm Fresh has all free range, naturally raised poultry. They are antibiotic free and enjoy plenty of sunshine.