Chicken of the Woods or Sulfur Shelf Mushroom

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Chicken of the Woods or Sulfur Shelf Mushroom

Also known as "Chicken of the Woods," the Sulfur Shelf Mushroom is as beautiful as it is delicious, with a meaty texture.

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 Sulfur Shelf 2 lbs.$42.00

Season: May-Oct 

 Sulfur Shelf 1 lb.$24.00

Season: May-Oct 

 Sulfur Shelf 1/2 lb.$14.00

Season: May-Oct 

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In Summer and Fall, our mushroom hikes occasionally yield a special prize: the gorgeous and tasty Sulfur Shelf mushroom, or "Chicken of the Woods." It's easy to find, as it's bright colors virtually light up the forest: it may be a flaming orange with pink undertones, like the batch I just found, or it may be a peach or salmon color.

We don't find this mushroom often, so when we happen upon a good clump, we are delighted. This mushroom has no lookalikes, so if you find a patch in the woods, harvest and eat away!

This mushroom should be thoroughly cooked, but as it simmers it will readily absorb the flavors of herbs and other ingredients. It has a meaty texture, and tastes astonishingly like chicken. Substitute for poultry in any of your favorite recipes!

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