Chickweed Tea / Dry Herb

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Chickweed Tea / Dry Herb

Used externally and internally for wounds, itches, metabolism, arthritis and more.

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Chickweed (Stellaria media)

Chickweed stimulates our metabolism and makes our bodies burn more fat! It also stimulates the digestive system and can help you if you are constipated. Drinking two or three cups of chickweed tea a day will really help your body naturally shed pounds. Of course, you must do this in conjunction with a sensible diet.

People who supported the use of chickweed for weight loss are of the opinion that this is the most effective herb for losing weight without any symptomatic side effect.

Chickweed, when incorporated with healthy lifestyle habits such as a well balanced diet and regular exercise, is an effective formulation for achieving long term weight loss.

Chickweed tea is high in potassium and is said to reduce food cravings making it the perfect tea to drink when dieting.

A strong infusion (tea) can be prepared and added to bath water to ease itching associated with insect bites, dry skin or even chickenpox.

Chickweed has a number of uses. It is emollient and vulnerary, working to soften skin and help in healing skin irritations. It is useful externally in minor wounds and itching. It can be used as a wash, poultice, or salve with good results.

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