Chives - Herb seeds

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Chives - Herb seeds

The chive plant, Allium schoenoprasum, is a member of the onion family (Alliaceae).

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Pretty lavender flowers, a clump-forming habit, and cold hardiness make this an appealing garden perennial. Its grass-like hollow leaves have a mild onion flavor and are widely used fresh in salads and dips. The small puffs of flowers generally begin to bloom in late May or June. These are edible, and can be used in salads as well as in flower arrangements. Chives thrive in full sun and well drained soil rich in organic matter with a pH of 6.0-7.0. They tolerate light shade, but 6-8 hours of direct light is best.

The easiest and most successful means of propagating chives is planting rooted clumps in spring, after frost danger has passed. Established plants usually need to be divided every 3-4 years. Division is best done in spring. Space plants 6-12 inches apart. Replant new clumps in soil enriched with organic matter, such as fine compost. Chives can also be started from seed.

When rain is infrequent, water deeply to make sure the soil does not dry out around the root zone. A light mulch of ground-up leaves, compost, or grass clippings will help retain moisture.

Over-fertilizing can be detrimental to chives. Like many herbs, slower, more compact growth leads to stronger flavors and healthier plants. A soil rich in organic matter should provide sufficient nutrients.

References: The encyclopedia of organic gardening, University of Minnesota Extension.

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