Chix in the Stix Farm

We are a small hobby farm in rural Barboursville, West Virginia. Our little farm focuses on healthy living, great food and treating our livestock like the beautiful living creatures they are. Our heritage breed Buff Orpington and Ameraucauna chickens live the way nature intended. They spend their days scratching in the grass and leaves on our 7 acre farm. They are never given feed that contains antibiotics or hormones. Since we also garden without chemicals, they are often given garden leftovers. They especially love tomatoes! Our most popular product is our eggs. If you haven't had a farm fresh egg from a chicken living naturally, you'll be amazed at the difference. We can also provide baby chicks, if you want to try your hand at raising chickens, too! This fall, we'll have farm-processed whole frozen chicken as well.

Listing last updated on Apr 10, 2011

Fresh eggs from pastured hens! Drop off locations in Barboursville, Charleston, and Proctorville, Ohio.

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