Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Pepper 10+ Seeds

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Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Pepper 10+ Seeds

The Chocolate Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Chile is the brown version of the Ghost pepper. Sweeter flavor and just as much heat!

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(Capsicum chinense)

The Chocolate Bhut Jolokia is a natural variant of the Bhut Jolokia. It became available to the public in 2008 through Frontal Agritech Assam, India. It has the heat level of a Red Bhut Jolokia but also has a sweet undertone. One of the most delicious Superhot chiles I have ever tasted. This species does not germinate as easy as the normal Bhut Jolokia and can take up to 6 weeks. So if your a novice grower better to try something else. If you grow in a heated seed try grow by itself because other seeds will sprout first and then you will be removing clear humidity cover before your Chocolate Bhut Jolokia sprouts.


Other Names:Chocolate Ghost Chile, Chocolate Ghost Pepper, Bhut Jolokia Chocolate
Flowers:Chocolate Bhut Jolokia has white flowers
Fruit:Chocolate Bhut Jolokia are brown and pendant.
Lifecycle:2    (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
Height:Chocolate Bhut Jolokia over 3 ft height
Diameter:Chocolate Bhut Jolokia about 2 feet
Container Planting:yes

Cultural Requirements:

Soil:Chocolate Bhut Jolokia like well drained soil.
Spacing:Spacing for Chocolate Bhut Jolokia is 2 ft
Sun:Full sun for Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Water:As needed

I try to grow all plants organically or hydroponically whenever possible. I do not use chemical pesticides and prefer organic pest control and the use of predatory insects.

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