Chronister Farms has been family owned and operated since 1976 when Marcus and Brenda bought the original 80 acres, while raising their two daughters, they acquired an additional 160 acres adjacent to their farm.

Sarah has been working to convert the farm to a pasture based operation. Currently she is raising pastured poultry consisting of broilers, turkeys, and laying hens (Black Australorps, Golden Buffs, and Ameraucanas). The broilers and turkeys are raised in Chicken/Turkey Tractors, which allow the poultry fresh grass daily while offering them protection from predators. The layers are in a mobile trailer and are allowed to roam in and out within the fenced area allotted to them on approximately a weekly basis, to allow them to feed on grass and bugs. We offer brown eggs and colored eggs, the colored eggs have shells that range from olive green to turquoise blue in color. All poultry is supplemented with grain to provide support for growth and development. The layers are supplemented with flax seed in their grain to increase the Omega-3 Fatty Acid production in the eggs.

The beef cattle are Texas Longhorn and Texas Longhorn/Angus cross. They are maintained on pasture where Management-Intensive Grazing is used to provide fresh, high quality pastures to feed on. In the winter stock piled grass is utilized and hay is supplemented as necessary.

Currently pastured poultry; broilers, turkeys, eggs from pasture fed hens, and freezer beef are offered for purchase from the farm. Sarah looks to expand the operation to include pastured pork, pastured rabbit, and a grass fed seasonal dairy.

Non-GMO grains and feed rations will be fed to all poultry and hogs starting in 2010.

Visitors are welcomed and encouraged to come out to the farm to see where their food comes from. However, it is asked that you schedule a time to come visit since Sarah works off the farm.


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Pasture Raised Poultry - Eggs, Broilers, and Turkeys Pork Beef Rabbits

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