Chubby Cheeks Farm is a multi-generation, family owned, fully integrated bio-dynamic farm located at the secluded and pristine Willcox Playa, Arizona.

Heritage breeds of cattle, goats, pigs and chicken free-range on open pastures. The Jersey dairy herds and beef cattle are grass-fed exclusively (no grains, soy, corn, or molasses, or chemicals of any kind, ever). The Jersey dairy herd have been beta-casein tested positive for A2A2 trait. Beef cattle genetics were chosen for the level of micro-marbleization that consistently yield tender and deep-flavored beef that is difficult to achieve on grass alone.

The milk-fed heritage pigs receive a daily ration of milk kefir made from milk from the farm's Jersey herd, alfalfa and fermented barley, and free unlimited access to live, fresh spirulina in their own drinking ponds. This diet produces pork with firm flesh and adequate fat to cure in the old-world Spanish Jamon Iberico tradition.

The pasture-raised, free-ranging chickens get the same diet as our Playa pigs, in addition to all the bugs and worms they forage for themselves.

Current availability include beef, pork, and goat meat. Eggs, chicken, and vegetables will be available in the fall of 2014.

Classes on growing and preparing your own un-compromised foods are available.


Listing last updated on Jan 18, 2014

Pasture raised, exclusively grass-fed beef from heritage breeds of cattle. Pasture raised, milk fed pork suitable for curing and eating fresh. Pasture raised, free-ranging chickens for meat and eggs.

Chubby Cheeks Farm's livestocks maintain their optimal health through adequate exercise, appropriate diet providing adequate nutrients, ample clean space, air, and water, and adequate protection from environmental stressors.

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Maintaing a healthy body demands clean, healthy food. The farmers at Chubby Cheeks Farm (CCF), and the cooks at Cochise Hideout, are dedicated to procuring, producing, preparing, and providing food that fosters vibrant health.... [more]

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