Circle B Ranch

We are a small Ranch with a flock of about 20-25 sheep in the summer and to 8-12 in the winter. We strive to keep the sheep on pasture year round and feed premium alfalfa in the fall and winter. We do not use pesticides on the fields.

Our lambs are born on fresh pasture in the early spring and continue on daily pasture throughout the summer.

Members of the American Black Welsh Mountains Sheep Association.

Listing last updated on Jul 14, 2011

. We offer Black Welsh Mountain Sheep for wool, breading and meat production. This heritage sheep breed is extremely well suited for the North West and provides beautiful naturally black wool and healthy, extremely tasty meat. We sell whole lambs weighting 25-30lbs which do not take up much freezer space, but are an excellent healthy meal. We take orders for meat and raw wool any time, and would love to sell you a lamb or mature Ewe to start your own flock.

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