Circle C Oyster Ranch

Circle C is nestled in the countryside in southern St. Mary's County. We raise our native oysters in floats near the surface where they can graze on the freshest sweetest sun-drenched algae. This gives our oyster a crisp sweet taste which are match for the finest wines. Our livestock operation is an environmental asset; increasing water clarity, which in turn increase plant growth and oxygen production. Our floats provide a protected nursery for small fish and crustaceans which are the base of the food chain. Our oysters are raised generation after generation from our own selected brood line, improving quality every generation. We are closely associated with the educational community, working with graduate students, college interns and school projects.

Listing last updated on Mar 9, 2010

Customers visiting our Ranch get to see the operation and can watch as the local wildlife while we harvest oysters for them. The Chesapeake Bay is the safest place to get shellfish from in the country, and Circle C Oyster Ranch has some of the safest production areas in the Bay. We have oysters year round for your culinary delight ranging from cocktail to Jumbo in size, live or shucked. You can get oysters from the Ranch. We will be at the Cheverly Farmers market again this year.

Schedule and Location:

Cheverely Community Market
Saturday 8-12 every other weekend.

Schedule and Location:

At the Ranch

8-4 M-F other times by appointment or by chance.

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When you buy some of Rich's delicious oysters you get not only a food product already packaged by nature, but an important lesson in how the oyster is critical to the future of the Chesapeake Bay.... [more]

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